Ayurveda tips and news from Linta's Ayurveda Resort in Kerala

Daily practices of serenity and beauty

Serenity and beauty are always strictly connected. The daily practice of the following actions will help to live better with yourself and with others as well as to improve beauty and wellbeing.  

Stay healthy

  • Hydrate yourself with minimum 1,5 liter of room temperature or warm water each day. Replace or integrate water with herbal tea.
  • Walk at least 30 minute each day. No matter if the weather is not perfect or how old are you.
  • Eat colorful and freshly prepared food. For each meal not to exceed the amount of food that is contained in your hands joined together
  • Do Ayurvedic oil massage, even auto massage, possibly every day.
  • Be sure to sleep enough and wake up energetic.
  • Take time to devote to your care.
  • Spent time into the nature.

Nourishes your mental health

  • Perform a spiritual practice at least once a day.
  • Keep practicing your mind and try to learn something every day.
  • Cultivate a passion or an hobby.
  • Laugh as much as possible, and make others laugh.
  • Don’t let yourself be overcome by negative thoughts.
  • Find someone or something gratefully every day.
  • Spend time to look sunrise, sunset, stars and full moon.
  • Keep your life very simple and free of unnecessary things.
  • Practice mindfulness, a powerful training to discover the beauty in and out of you.

Live in harmony with others

  • Do something of useful or helpful for someone.
  • Maintain good relationship with your partner, parents, children, friends.
  • Learn to live flexible as much as possible. Not always things go as you want. Sometimes it is also nice to let things flow for their course.
  • Seek for a support from counselor or confidant.
  • Receive blessing and positive though from teachers, elder people or good friends.

Inspired to:  Enchanting Beauty, M. Kshirsagar and M.M. Murphy, New Age Book, 2015.