Ayurvedic Center

The Linta’s Ayurvedic Center lies on a total surface of approx. 100 square meters and presents:

N. 1 consultation room

N. 3 treatment rooms

N. 1 Pharmacy room and bathroom.

Standard Ayurvedic therapeutic course (Treatment Packages) consists of the following steps:

  • initial Physician consultation in English to establish type and frequency of treatments. For specific pathologies external consultant Physicians are available
  • daily treatments with therapist, as well as, medicine, beverage and appropriate diet will be conducted under Physician supervision. Usually two treatments a day are prescribed.
  • when necessary or upon request, intercourse Physician’s consultations will be done
  • final consultation to provide guests with take home suggestions, medicine (not included into the package) and life style recommendations

Free fresh juices or tea are available at Palm garden after each treatment.