The Golden Beach

Linta’s Resort lies on the seafront amidst lush vegetation.
The garden leads to the fine gold, amber sandy beach that stretches for many miles north and south along the Arabian Sea coast.

The beach is a vital part of the life of the close-by villages: boats, fishermen, fishing nets, women and children can be found there going about their lives at all hours of the day. Just sit down, relax and look around: you’ll soon find yourself absorbed in an amazing new world.

During the monsoon period (from June to October) the huge waves spray the sea into the air, creating a spectacular light scintillating with millions of healthy microscopic drops of salty water.
In the dry months (from November to May) the sun sparkles on the surface of the ocean, creating dazzling light effects.
Dawn and dusk offer magical moments that will turn your stay at Linta’s into a unique and unforgettable experience.