The Linta’s Approach To Ayurvedic Medicine

All Ayurvedic treatments at Linta’s Resort are prescribed by a team of Physicians.
After an initial check-up the team will draw up a program tailored to person needs and expectations.

The medicines, infusions, medicated oils and milks, and all other medications are prepared and controlled directly by our Ayurvedic Physician and other healthcare professionals. Treatment procedures are given by specialized, experienced therapists.

Linta’s special Treatment Packages have been designed to help people to get relief from the most common health problems.
Packages include daily treatments, a personalized diet program and Yoga exercises Our Physicians and specialists are also available to study and draw up packages tailored to individual needs.

However, with the aim to offer the possibility to prove Ayurvedic treatments, also to the guests that can’t perform Packages, at Linta’s is possible also to ask for a Single Treatments.