Ayurveda Packages

Ayurveda Packages address some well-known health problems, offering unique and personalized solutions. Linta’s Packages meet each person’s needs and pursue the objectives to restore the lost body & mind balance. Ayurvedic Medicine is an holistic approach to illness giving appropriate solution both for cure of diseases as well as prevention of degenerative pathologies.

Usually from 1 to 4 weeks treatments are suggested. Treatment Packages include following steps:

  • initial English speaking Physician consultation to evaluate subject, to define treatments plan and to fix goals.
  • therapeutic period that include treatments with therapist (usually two per day), oral prescribed medicines and beverages .
  • intercourse consultations with Physician.
  • final consultation to review treatments efficacy and to provide subjects with take home suggestions, oral medicine to complete the program if needed and life style recommendations .
  • Italian understanding Physician is available on request.
The following Packages are available:

Please note that the treatments described in the Packages may vary after consultation with our team of Physicianst