Linta’s Golden Beach lies within three lush tropical gardens where guest can stroll, relax in the shade or read a book in peace.

Amateur botanists and experts have chosen autochthonous and rare plants to give life to a unique environment: a garden with its own herb garden, where the main species of the rich Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia are grown.

Each plant, shrub or flower is carefully positioned to form part of an organic design whose greenery and flowers exude energy, enchantment, serenity.

Ayurvedic Garden and Organic Vegetable garden

Linta’s Resort is enriched by a great Ayurvedic Plant Garden with over 150 varieties of medicinal plants used for different Ayurvedic preparations and by an Organic Vegetable Garden where grow, just for our guests, over 30 varieties of vegetables, such as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and chili and many fruit plants such as papaya, pineapple and banana.

Swimming Pool

In the dry, hot days why not cool down in Linta’s 10 x 7 meter infinity pool. Located in the main palm garden, close to the Restaurant, the pool is free of charge for Linta’s Guests.