Fresh products and ingredients, care and expertise in food preparation, attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen and the competence staff are the three golden rules of Linta’s Multi Cuisine Restaurant.

Breakfast is served in a Continental style with fresh juices, tea or coffee, French toast, plain or mixed vegetables eggs etc. Some Indian dishes are also available.

Lunches and Dinners traditional Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well as some international cuisine specialties. Composition of menu vary day by day.
Restaurant do not offer alcoholic beverages.

Linta’s Restaurant’s specialty is sea food. Every day there is a wide variety of fresh fish and shellfish that can be cooked in different ways: grilled, fried, baked or prepared in the traditional southern India style.

Menus are prepared by Linta’s Chefs under advise of Ayurvedic Physician and taking into considerations also individual needs of our guests (e.g. intolerances, spices acceptance level etc.)
Every morning, during breakfast time, guests could choose from the different proposed options for the Dinner meal.